"Every day the poorest people in Africa spend $40 million repaying old debts to the richest countries in the world . . . and every day over 6,500 Africans die of HIV/AIDS . . . as a result by the end of this decade there will be over 25 million AIDS orphans in Africa . . . unless we come together to stop the crises of Debt, AIDS and Trade which keep Africans poor - You can join us in the campaign to end the madness! Visit www.datadata.org and find out how to get involved."

- Toby McKeehan

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New Book by Toby Mac and Michael Tait Exposes Historical Injustices and Triumphs UNDER GOD
- October 1, 2004
Enter the City limits of DIVERSE CITY when TOBYMAC releases his new CD titled Welcome to Diverse City. For more info visit TOBYMAC.com
- October 1, 2004

Born in Atlanta into a family of Baptiest ministers, Martin Luther King Jr. came to lead and symbolize some of the most important civil rights campaigns in the 1950s and 1960s. more...


dc Talk joins Bono in support of Africa -- you can too!
According to recent statistics, 95% of marriages are between people of the same race. How supportive would your parents be of you dating or marrying someone of a different race?
They would be strongly supportive
They would be ok with it
Race would not be an issue
They would have concerns
They would be strongly opposed

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